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Perfect Abs 30 day challenge is designed to punish your abs for a whole month, melting away belly fat and giving you a sexy, toned look for the beach!

Perfect Abs 30 Day Challenge – One month of workouts to melt belly fat and tone abs!Published By TopFito



The crunch is a great base exercise to develop your perfect abs.
1. Lie flat on your back.

2. Place your hands at the side of your head or flat beside you. Don’t pull on your head or neck.

3. Tense your abs to bring your torso off the floor, whilst at the same time using your abs to raise your legs into the air to complete the crunch.

4. Hold for 2-3 seconds before returning to a flat initial position. One crunch is one rep.

Leg Raises

Leg raises on a bench or other raised surface are great because you can lower your legs further, allowing your lower abs to be targeted, building the bottom of your perfect abs!

1. Sit at the end of a bench, resting on your coccyx bone.

2. Place your hands slightly behind you, or under your coccyx if you need support.

3. Keep your feet held together and lower them off the bench, keeping your legs straight.

4. Tense your abs, bringing your legs upwards whilst bending your legs until they form a 90 degree angle with your hips. Hold for 2-3 seconds.

5. Slowly release your legs, extending them outwards again to the starting position. This is one rep.



Tighten your core for a strong foundation for your perfect abs!

1. Start on your hands and knees and place your forearms on the floor, with your elbows directly under your shoulders.

2. Raise your torso off the ground, having that balls of your feet touching the ground as shown.

3. Brace your core and squeeze your glutes, whilst keeping your back in a neutral position without any curvature. Your hips should be level with your shoulders.

4. Hold for as long as you can! Try to extend this time to improve your core strength.

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